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Hi Sorbz62

I get what you are saying. At my peak I had pedals for Reverb L8, Delay L7, Mod, L6, Pitch L5. Then dirt boxes in L1-4

So typical ES-8 presets might look like


I then changed a little and had Mod and Pitch on dedicated switches so they could be turned on and off. This worked fine as long as I didn’t change ES-8 preset at which time Mod/Pitch would need to be turned on again.

Then I complicated it by getting into Octave pedals (I’m trying to get a nice OC5 sound for in front of amp with the H90 – not there yet) which sometimes I like in front of the amp and sometimes I like them in the effects loop.

With the H90 rather than make the effects fit my ES-8 patches the Programs store the routing information.

My chain is now ES-8 (effectively my analogue dirt boxes and OC5) > H90 Path 1 > Amp Input > Amp Effect Send > H90 Path 2 > Amp Effects Return

I have changed the Bypass switch on the ES-8 to a short press so I can go straight into the H90 very easily.

OK so the weakness with my setup is, if I want to put a Flanger in front of my Fuzz I can no longer do this but I don’t miss that. If I really feel the need to do that I may get another analog pedal to use with one of the H90 inserts.

We all have different requirements but this is perfect for me. It helps having a 12-mode amp. Some of the milder overdrive set ups work great with H90 effects into them and some of the heavier drive settings definitely don’t.