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You’ll need to use Insert routing for this configuration. Inputs 1-2 will be the main path, and inputs 3-4 will be a separate path created from a stereo insert.

  • Connect your first instrument to inputs 1-2, connect your other instrument to inputs 3-4
  • Press the Routing button
  • Turn Quick Knob 1 to make the path Parallel
  • Turn Quick Knob 3 to create a Stereo Insert
  • Turn Quick Knob 2 until the Insert is before Preset B on the routing path
  • Adjust the Return Level parameter for the insert to adjust how loud it is
  • Inputs 1-2 will now be processed by Preset A, Inputs 3-4 will be processed by Preset B, and all inputs will be summed to outputs 1-2

UltraTap is an Algorithm, not a Program. A Program is a combination of any two Presets. When searching for Presets, you can filter how you search for them by effect type or Algorithm. If you filter your search for Delay > UltraTap and load a new UltraTap Preset, this filter will remain after you’ve loaded a new Program and go back to the Presets menu.