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Sometimes, scrolling through factory Programs / Presets just won’t do it.  You need to dive in, and tweak a Preset to your own liking, or particular application.  BlackHole, ModEchoVerb, and especially the new WormHole algorithm are tailor-made for dense, thick, & huge.  In fact, most any H90 Reverb can be adjusted to the same huge characteristics.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard examples of the Helix / Line6 Legacy Particle Verbs.  As I recall, getting the initial ‘bloom” might take some fine-tuning to recreate.  Be happy to help with some parameter adjustments later on.

In the meantime, take a WormHole preset.  Any one. Crank up most of the parameters to maximum.  Maybe Mix, PreDelay, Stability, & Stability Rate to midpoint; just to get a feel for it.  Don’t be too concerned about any of the Warp parameters yet:  that’s the advanced approach.  Dial around one of the other parameters one at a time.  See what you think.