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… The Freeze parameters of a Reverb are not Performance Parameters that can be assigned to a footswitch, you must adjust the Reverb’s decay knob to access the Freeze or Infinite settings. You can map the Decay knob to a HotSwitch, and then assign the HotSwitch to a footswitch to accomplish the same thing. SP2016 Reverb does not have a freeze or infinite decay parameter, but all of the Space reverbs do …

As a sidebar to the original answer, there is a metric ton of cool results you can get with the original Space / H9 reverb FREEZE & INFINITE options.  Each one brings a unique flavor to the sound [wish I could find the Space version 4.0.0[ 6 ] release notes].  Even the Resonator algorithm features them.  I must’ve written several short novels here about all of the variations.

One interesting thing I’ve found in the H90:  FREEZE Performance Parameters, like those found in Prism Shift & Polyphony, can remain latched on, yet interact & can change with some other parameter adjustments.  FREEZE there is not mutually exclusive with latched HS1, HS2, HS2 parameter switching (like the HotSwitches are with each other).