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The Factorlib software is quite old and I wouldn’t recommend using it at this point. You can use Eventide Device Manager to update the TimeFactor’s firmware, and you can use H9 Control to manage presets and adjust parameters.

It seems like you are able to use Eventide Device Manager correctly if the device shows up and you are able to update the unit.

Here are some tips for getting the connection to H9 Control to work:

  • Make sure there are no other USB or MIDI devices attached to your computer.
  • Make sure MIDI cables are not connected when the USB cable is connected.
  • Make sure you are not using a USB hub.
  • If TimeFactor, make sure “Looper” was not the last effect type selected.
  • Make sure MIDI Clock is turned off.
  • Make sure no other programs are running.
  • Make sure antivirus or firewall programs are not interfering with the update.
  • Make sure you are using the Eventide power supply.
  • Try the following factory reset. Be aware that it will erase any user presets and settings that you have created.
    • To restore Factory Presets and all System settings, power up TimeFactor while simultaneously pressing the Middle Footswitch and the Encoder until
      [INITIALIZING] is displayed.