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@brock, my english ain’t so good, I read booth this comments and I’m still confused:

It operates at 44.1kHz. I can’t measure the bit depth accurately but the noise floor isn’t low enough to go beyond 16bit anyway (<96dB) High frequencies are properly attenuated at ~20kHz, so no need to worry about aliasing. H9 sounds lovely and it’s sampling rate isn’t really relevant. However it does show that Eventide lack confidence in their engineering (and perhaps their customers) that they won’t publish this information.

Honestly I feel like nickrose’s 10bit/22khz comment was actually a troll/joke comment, but I’m not a huge expert on the H9s so I may be wrong.

I undestood that part, I’m asking for the A/D converter maximum capabilities don’t need each individiual algorithm values:

I guess, that the thing is that different algorithms run on different bitrate or bitdepth. So, if specifying bitrate/bitdepth Eventide would have to list which algorithms use this and which use that. Not speaking that things may be even more complicated….

Once again sorry for my language limits, 10bit/22khz is the actual real response and no joke or irony? (⌒_⌒;)