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Yes, you can sync the H9 to your DAW using MIDI clock.

  • Connect a USB cable or MIDI DIN cable from your computer or MIDI interface to the H9
  • In H9 Control, go to Pedal Settings > MIDI settings > MIDI Clock > Enable MIDI Input Clock > Yes.
  • Select your H9 Preset, and turn Tempo > ON
  • In Live, go to Preferences > Link/Tempo/MIDI and select H9 Pedal as the output device. Scroll down to the MIDI Ports sections of the menu, and for Out:H9 Pedal check the Sync box.
  • Now, when you play Live’s transport, the H9 will sync to Live’s MIDI clock. Live does not output MIDI clock when the transport is not playing, so you’ll need to play the transport for the H9 to receive the MIDI clock.

Let me know if that works.