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Hey there thanks for your responses. I’ll try as you suggest for the tuner by sending greater than 64 for both presses.

The RJM LT midi controller allows an alternate preset after selecting a given PC by just hitting that same button again. So for the rotary effect, the initial PC button press recalls a rotary “slow” stored H9 preset, and the an additional press of that same button then recalls a different rotary “fast” preset. It winds up and down as you’d want and generally works a treat.

But then, if I map a Tap tempo (for other delay presets and not rotary speed) midi CC to an instant action IA button on the RJM LT, the fast rotary speed stops working. Yet, if I recall a completely different PC on the H9 and the go back to the rotary presets, I can get one fast / slow cycle, but then it stays stuck on slow again. But de-enabling the Tap tempo then allows normal rotary control as above.

Weird huh?