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      Late to this party but new to the H9. I have read many threads and learned quite alot!

      I found a couple midi control quirks with my RJM LT Midi controller and the H9:

      1. The H9 will toggle tuning on and off via midi CC control but it takes two button clicks for each consecutive state. I think this is a H9 flaw because others are are reporting like results when using midi to control their H9s. I’m wondering if anyone might have a workaround for single button clicks to get the tuner on and off?

      2. The H9 also won’t allow high and low speed rotary selections after you enable “Tap Tempo” I can still tap tempo directly on the H9 app, but as soon as I enable the midi CC for Tap Tempo on the H9, the rotary high and low speed controls via midi stop functioning. I would only use tap tempo for delays and not rotary efx. I have midi clock “off” on the H9 but I suspect this is some kind of midi clock snag. On the RJM LT, I have also deselected “send redundant PC messages” as these nick the H9 outputs recalling like PCs.

      Any ideas oh wise ones?

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      Welcome to the party!

      1. The tuner is toggled on/off when a CC value of 64 or greater is sent to the H9. It sounds like your controller is sending 0 for one press, and 127 for the next press, that’s why it is taking 2 presses to toggle the state (a CC value of 0 won’t do anything). You should configure your controller to always send a value of 64 or greater and then it should only take 1 press to toggle the tuner.

      2. Sorry but I cannot reproduce this issue. I am able to map a CC to Middle Footswitch and Tap Tempo, and they both seem to work correctly. If you provide some more information about your setup that may help.

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      Hey there thanks for your responses. I’ll try as you suggest for the tuner by sending greater than 64 for both presses.

      The RJM LT midi controller allows an alternate preset after selecting a given PC by just hitting that same button again. So for the rotary effect, the initial PC button press recalls a rotary “slow” stored H9 preset, and the an additional press of that same button then recalls a different rotary “fast” preset. It winds up and down as you’d want and generally works a treat.

      But then, if I map a Tap tempo (for other delay presets and not rotary speed) midi CC to an instant action IA button on the RJM LT, the fast rotary speed stops working. Yet, if I recall a completely different PC on the H9 and the go back to the rotary presets, I can get one fast / slow cycle, but then it stays stuck on slow again. But de-enabling the Tap tempo then allows normal rotary control as above.

      Weird huh?


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      UPDATE: I finally figured out that if I place the H9 under midi clock control from my RJM Mastermind LT’s master midi clock rather than from the H9’s internal clock, I can then tap tempo on the MMLT for various H9 presets, and the H9 rotary speeds still work as they should. That’s the workaround that works for me to prevent rotary speed anomalies.

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