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Serendipity.  I was just fine-tuning a Program along these lines earlier this week.

I have the (glitchier) Whammy IV here for comparison.  I’d need to dig out the Ricochet for A/B.  With guitar amps (but not FRFR), I lose the Dive Bomb near the bottom of that -3rd octave anyway.

I prefer the Polyphony algo for a hard Whammy slam.  Better chord resolution; less of a ‘blanket’ over it, than the PitchFlex at 100 Mix.  But I do miss the Flex switching there, and its Shapes.

I tried out several different approaches:

  • PitchFlex tap-dancing (switch for MIX 0-100; pedal for Whammy; switch back MIX 100-0):  Not very smooth.
  • EXP to both PitchFlex voices OFF to -2 OCT, and the Manual parameter:  The On / Off transitions at mid-throw are easily heard, especially with slower ‘bends’.
  • Convoluted multiple MIDI CC messaging to both MIX & Pitch: Not transferable to most rigs.
  • PitchFlex into Polyphony in series:  Work in progress.  Mixed results.

I will say that I get smoother Pitch change resolution with a MIDI expression pedal, as opposed to RV-5s.  Either way, if you go slow enough, you’re going to hear some discrete intervals.

With Polyphony, in mono or stereo, I use both voices sync’ed together, Uni to -2 OCT,  Manual target for EXP.   Gain-stage that doubled boost downstream.  MIX 100%, not many frills beyond that.

But I do Pan both voices, and add a tiny bit of Detune (+/- 1 cent or so).  Seems to help out with the separation & clarity when transitioning from Bypass to Active.