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Hello, If you use the Pitchflex preset “Pitch Flex -2 Oct” I think that should be what you are looking for. This is a factory preset in the H90. This preset defaults to -2 Oct and then flexes up to unison. If you’d like this to work in the opposite way, change it so Heel A = Unison and Toe A = -2 oct. You can either map an expression pedal to the manual shift parameter, or use the Flex performance parameter in Perform Mode. Let me know if that works.

Hi and yes, this will get me started and fairly close to what I was describing and seeking. Thank you all for your help as always.

I was having trouble getting this factory Preset to work though, until I started adjusting the “Manual Shift” Parameter. It turns out that if I SAVE and leave the Program and return to it, the effect doesn’t work, until I adjust the Manual Shift in any direction for any amount and the effect works as it should. So, my current workaround is that I programmed the Expression control to also include to change the values of the Manual Shift Parameter. Eureka, it works every time now so far.

—–>I can get this behavior to replicate consistently so may be a bug.

Also, when looking up the PitchFlex documentation via the H90 Software tab under the 3 vertical dots, I do not see the “Manual Shift” Parameter, what am I missing? Screen shot file attached.

I am running H90 Control 1.2.2 and “there are no software updates available” when I go to that tab in H90 Control.

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