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Thank you for getting back.

I’m going stereo into the first H9 from another chorus pedal (i love choruses and delays).

The pitch mix Is set differently depending on what I Need from the preset. If i go out mono from the second H9, i loose the left or the right side of the algorithm of the first one, which Is always connected stereo in the pedalboard


A few quick questions: Are you going mono in (lnput 1 only) in the 1st H9, or stereo in (Input 1 & 2)? Do you have the Pitch Mix control centered, or off to the left or right? [It is usually called that, but may vary, depending on the loaded algorithm. Often the second parameter, right after MIX]. Can you give me an example situation that I can test? Such as 1st H9 uses Vintage Delay, the 2nd H9 is Flanger (or however you have it set up when you’re getting those results).