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You can tell I started with the PitchFactor (I’m still calling it “Pitch Mix”). All I can think of offhand is what happens with a Delay algorithm, and Delay Mix. With stereo in, if you tilt the Delay Mix away from center (say, 0 or 100), both outputs will only have that side’s effect, A or B. That may or may not be the case here. If it helps, I always use TremoloPan for a stereo diagnostic test. Maximum Depth, Square Shape; slower Speed, Width 100. If you don’t hear equal levels alternating each side, something’s screwy upstream. You can also use that as a downstream test.

Good morning,

I have an interesting update.

I tried some different algos. For example, the chorus algo on the second H9 sums to mono as expected. The Diatonic algo won’t sum to mono. As for “summing to mono” I always refer to the incoming stereo signal from the first H9.

The unit will never sum to mono when bypassed. Of course, both pedals sum to mono their own algorithms as stated in the manual.

But this issue makes it difficult to pair 2 H9s unless you can always play stereo, otherwise you have to set the first H9 to mono, which is a bit of a shame.

Sorry for this twisted message, english isn’t even my mother tongue, but it would be interesting to see what other users are experiencing