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Hi joecozzi,

Being able to send midi CC messages with values upon program/preset changes would be extremely helpful as I just bought an H90 thinking it could already do this but I cannot find a way to make it work. I have an amp with only TRS footswitch for changing amp channels so I need to send CC commands from the H90 to a midi switcher (pirate midi click) to change amp channels using the commands below.

Tip Relay           0              Off=0, On=127, Toggle=64
Ring Relay        1              Off=0, On=127, Toggle=64
Tip+Ring Relay 2              Off=0, On=127, Toggle=64

I have just downsized to the H90 from a Lin6 Helix where I had this setup and working so being able to have this functionality in the H90 to control amp switching is really needed. Please implement this extra midi functionality or if already possible advise how I can do it.