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      It would be a very handfull feature the H90 transmits CC# messages (more than one) upon loading a preset.

      For example, when loading a delay/reverb preset on the H90, I almost always want my delay and reverb pedals bypassed.

      By the way, we cannot choose the channel we want to send midi PC#/CC#.

      Is there any chance we can see more MiDi capabilities/features any soon?





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      Eventide Staff

      Hello Lodeman,

      Thank you for your feedback. It helps us assess whether we should implement more MIDI capabilities, though there is no timeline.

      By the way, we cannot choose the channel we want to send midi PC#/CC#.

      In the System Menu, under MIDI we can designate the channel we wish to transmit on and receive on. It is possible, however, to have the H90 listen to all channels by setting OMNI to ON. Then we can change the Channel parameter to the number of the channel we wish to transmit on. Using this configuration, for example, the H90 can receive messages on channel 3, but can send messages from H90 on channel 4.

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      Dear, joecozzi.

      Thanks for replying!

      For any reason, I missed this information on the manual!

      “Turn this on if you’d like the H90 to receive MIDI from all channels simultaneously. This setting overrides the receive channel, but the H90 will still transmit on the configured channel.”

      Just to make a broader request:

      Possibility to SEND MIDI (CCs) with hardware P, A and B footswitches.

      By the way, this is my first Eventide Pedal! And I’m enjoying it a LOT!!

      Congratulations to all!!



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      Hi joecozzi,

      Being able to send midi CC messages with values upon program/preset changes would be extremely helpful as I just bought an H90 thinking it could already do this but I cannot find a way to make it work. I have an amp with only TRS footswitch for changing amp channels so I need to send CC commands from the H90 to a midi switcher (pirate midi click) to change amp channels using the commands below.

      Tip Relay           0              Off=0, On=127, Toggle=64
      Ring Relay        1              Off=0, On=127, Toggle=64
      Tip+Ring Relay 2              Off=0, On=127, Toggle=64

      I have just downsized to the H90 from a Lin6 Helix where I had this setup and working so being able to have this functionality in the H90 to control amp switching is really needed. Please implement this extra midi functionality or if already possible advise how I can do it.


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        Eventide Staff

        There isn’t a way to do this with the onboard foot switches of the H90. However, it is possible to do this using an external 3-button aux switch connected to the EXP input of the H90. If we enter the System Menu and select MIDI, the third setting on the first page of controls is the Output Mode. Set this to Transmit for the H90 to send messages to other devices. Navigate to the last page of settings where we can find the MIDI – Transit menu. Here we can choose an expression device under Parameter and map it to a controller change number. Anytime we use an expression pedal or aux switch that has been mapped, it will send a MIDI controller change number from the midi out to downstream devices on the same MIDI Channel.

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      I also need this functionality. I see how I can send midi with a button press on the external foot switch but I need it per program.

      I envision the following:

      Choose – Amazing Clean Program – On load send midi to relay to switch to clean channel.

      Choose – Amazing Dirt Program – On load send midi to relay to switch to dirt channel.

      Still should be able to set an external switch to control the relay whenever but certain Programs will always be clean or dirty.

      Right now I need a whole separate midi controller to handle this.

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