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Thank you, Brock. Based on your advice I made a Program with the Tricera Chorus and the Q-Wah in fowel mode. It’s open for improvement 🙂 What is missing maybe is a certain glassy quality which can sometimes be heard in Zappas Clean Sounds, like in Any kind of pain, but I think it has not always to be more glassy. I tried also to combine the Q-Wah with a stronger Faser, but maybe the Q-Wah is already enough to have a certain movement/modulation going on.
The input should be just a nice clean sound. I think this should work with Single Coils Neck or Brigde Pickup, or Humbucker Neck or Bridge Pickup. I wouldn’t use an out of phase Pickup Combination like Neck and Middle on that, because the Q-Wah brings at least to my ears already enough “out of phase” Quality…

And now Shut up an play yer guitar 😉

Well, this is such a complex topic how Zappa constructed his clean sounds. For example he combined on his guitar sometimes a piezo pickup with a hum bucker or single coil or whatever. But I don’t have that. And I think we have enough options with the H90 to come close to it. A lot of his dirty sound can be emulated easier then the clean sounds, because you just need a standard marshal distortion sound and before the amp a half cocked wah which goes into a fuzz. The thing is that the sound shouldn’t be to nasal. But it is not so complicated to get there. On top of that you can use the Triskelion, but without the triskelion you can get that sound pretty much as well. I use in the Quad Cortex the Bad Horsie Wah for that in a fixed position at about 50 percent. Well, this just as a sidenote. As I said the his high gain tones are easier to get than his clean tones. His amazing clean tones are like a lifelong obsession for me 🙂