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      Let’s try something here, just for fun.  Two Instant Flanger presets, in parallel.  This Program is not subtle.

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/44sx1835tfxloi4/MicMix Dynaflanger Pair.pgm90?raw=1

      My Program Notes:

      • It’s not perfect (no ENV Invert, different Delay ranges, analog components, etc.)
      • Work in progress toward my Holy Grail of 2 sync’ed Dynaflangers, in stereo.
      • In mono, with a single Preset instance:  Try Mode – Deep, followed by a compressor.
      • Left Preset / Right Preset have inverted parameters, with differentiated variations per side.
      • Left preset:  Lower frequency flange + 0.500 S ‘CV Decay’.
      • Right Preset:  Higher frequency flange + 1.000 S ‘CV Decay’.
      • Base settings for each:  Wide panning.  Manual + Envelope.  Out Gain – 6.0 dB for Feedback peaks.

      External Control (optional):

      • EXP 1 –  Left + Right Manual (Delay times @ opposite sweeps).  Pseudo-wah.
      • AUX #5 – Left ENV Release – 0.500 S to 1.000 S
      • AUX #4 – Right ENV Release – 1.000 S to 2.000 S

      Onboard Control:

      • Perform Page 1
      • Tap = 120 BPM
      • Preset A  = Act/Byp
      • Preset B  = Act/Byp
      • Perform Page 2
      • HS1 = Source – Man + Env to Manual
      • HS2 = Source – Man + Env to Envelope
      • HS3 = Left ENV Release – 0.500 S to 1.000 S + Right ENV Release – 1.000 S to 2.000 S


      • Late night; from memory.  Not responsible for the the absolute accuracy of my verbal ramblings above.
      • Money Back Guarantee on the Program, though.
      • No extra change for crazy-ass panning acrobatics.
      • Man + Env allows ‘tuning’ the envelope sweeps with an expression pedal.
      • HotSwitch options for Manual (expression) only, or Envelope only.
      • Historically accurate ENV Release times, but not Delay times or HP filter frequencies.
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      Thanks for sharing!  I like the fact that this gives me expression pedal control over when the big flanger-swoosh occurs.

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      Help a brother out, how does one import a PGM90 File such as this? I see a list someone shared via email in my downloads as LST90 File and could import that list, but after downloading DynaFlanger(s) via the link above, I do not see it as option to import to H90 Control.

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      I’ve been doing it by right-click – Import Program on any Bank (Program) location (left side), under the Parameters tab.  No doubt there are other ways.
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Win 11 & 1.2.2.  Might be a good FR for drag ‘n’ drop, like the H9 Control app.  Admittedly, I haven’t tried that, to see if it’s supported.  Might be problematic on where D’n’D would “land”, given all the Program / Preset locations, and multiple Lists.</p>

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      Drag and drop IS supported!!!!

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      Thank you very much for your help Brock and apalazzolo,


      Drag and Drop for the WIN, oh yeah!


      Thanks Brock for sharing the Program. Hopefully get to try it soon!

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      Ah and I just figured out your process, Brock, very nice!

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