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The H9 has a setting where if you bypass it, the effect continues to ring out.  Not the same as spillover on the H90 but serves a similar function.  In any event, I think the default for imported H9 presets should be on, like for the INIT presets.

And yes, you are correctly reading my comment on the hot knob/expression settings.

Both things seem like easy fixes in updates. Of course, since I’ve done my H9 import now, this won’t affect me.  I just put on some music and a bunch of mouse clicks later is was fixed but I thought it important to report.

I would LOVE to see improved list editing features though.  It would be nice to easily reorder programs for gigs where you have different setlists without making a whole new list.

Oh, and it would be great if there were a way to use a foot pedal, aux switch, or MIDI command to change a preset in a slot B as you suggested.  Right now it looks like that has to be done by hand, which is great for bending over the pedalboard for the end of set feedback wash but maybe not for switching to the middle eight.

Thanks again!