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thanks Brock ๐Ÿ™‚
wow that was obvious… doh!

…for the Favorites thing

  • I tag my imported .h9z presets (to build a setlist in h90) as Favorites in the “Programs” tab (i.e. edit/PROGRAMS/system) – all good ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I can sort these according to a) List Number, though it will not sort descending, only ascending unlike b) Name which sorted A>Z and Z>A… or according to c) Preset A type (Preset B currently being blank). All good
  • But as soon as I go to the EDIT tab (i.e. EDIT/programs/system), these freshly-tagged Favorites disappear – OK, I guess that means that Favorite metadata tags are kinda local to either the ‘Programs’ or ‘Edit” tabs, not actually tagged to the preset itself (perhaps this is a feature, might be useful).
  • As I already went thru each imported preset and did a ‘Save to Library’ – there they are, all good ๐Ÿ™‚
  • NEXT: setting up my first Program using my imported presets from a .h9z
  • in EDIT, I click on the A slot – choose a preset โ€“ OK, & repeat for B Slot โ€“ that works
  • Now to save the Program into a “list location” – yep, OK (would be nice to save into another List but hey…)
  • NEXT: having renamed the Program, (easy, click into the bar above the A Slot) โ€“ how to rename the presets?
  • After some monkeying about… um, nothing. No “Rename Preset” menu dropdowns, no clicking into a fieldย  I try in ‘Programs’, but I don’t want to edit the base preset name.
  • therefore: have to rename inside the pedal itself? OK I do that to slot A – all good but Slot B, doesn’t want to. Maybe it doesn’t like my little ‘#’.
  • OK, at this point it’s time to read the manual again ๐Ÿ™‚

The presets A&B swap feature is v good, and I found the 3-vertical dots which I used to “Save to Library” so as to be able to get something from my .h9z import into Slot B.

As for my discovery method, it’s emerging shall we say – I know I’m going round the houses, but hopefully I’ll get there in time for Thursday when I have a gig, otherwise I’ll use the trusty h9

All best wishes and thanks for your help