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      hi All

      As there seems to be no h90 manual, I am hoping someone here can report back about editing H90 in the h90 control app on a laptop over USB…

      All I know is that on H9s, if you connect via USB for editing inside h9 control then – rather annoyingly – any MIDI functionality is suspended until you unplug the USB cable. Often you even have to power the H9 on/off in order to reset the device to work normally (i.e. with chains of H9s or stompboxes connected over standard MIDI 5-pin connections I tend to have a power switch on the mains plug itself rather than fiddle about at the back)

      I am hoping this known issue has been resolved on the new H90, that it is possible to edit the h90 without disturbing MIDI functionality and you can leave the USB cable connected via USB and edit on-the-fly from a laptop. In my case I am going to try this via an iConnectivity xioXM hub which allows USB and MIDI devices & controllers to work via a Matrix, quite a handy thing

      If that works, then I can hook up any other h9s or stompboxes via standard MIDI.

      Any experience out there with this, I would be very grateful 🙏
      If not I will report back in a few weeks if & when I manage to get it all working (or not)


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      … I am hoping this known issue has been resolved on the new H90, that it is possible to edit the h90 without disturbing MIDI functionality and you can leave the USB cable connected via USB and edit on-the-fly from a laptop …

      One of the first things I tested out.  In my use case, yes.

      I leave a dedicated laptop connected via USB to H90 Control for editing, and the MIDI In DIN plugged active for simultaneous CC & PC messages.  I only use that to RCV, but I assume XMT acts the same.

      In other words, no USB prioritization over DIN, like in the H9 and H9 Control.  I will add that things start to get funky with launching H9 Control & H90 Control at the same time.  But I expect that’s on the Windows’ side of the equation.

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        Thanks Brock!

        I have h9 control and h90 control (h9c and h90c?) both open at the moment and so far no funk (on a Mac – MBP 2015 10.14 osX),

        My first steps in h90c… (trying to import some presets from h9c to h90c)

        • imports OK with the .h9x files – all comes in, (i haven’t tested the actual presets yet)
        • the lefthand side h90c lists seem to be stuck in BANK mode, regardless of the state of the pedal, hmm…
        • Of course, A gets filled with the h9 presets, and B is set to a THRU algo; so let’s try and get something into B
        • As with h9c, h90c also seems not to allow copy&paste of multiple selection of preset(s). hmm…
        • To get a preset into B, drag & drop doesn’t seem to work, hmm…
        • Clicking on a preset from the Preset Library gets something into B – 🙂
        • I can copy a preset and then paste it into an empty user INIT slot, one by one…

        As I say, these are tiny first steps. If h90c allows cut&paste and drag&drop of multiple Presets within a Program that wd be great. Not quite sure how that is done yet…

        If I find out I’ll post here

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        update – here is one way, a bit clunky

        • in h90control click on the bottom menu to move to Presets Library
        • in the left-hand list at the bottom click on the import icon (an arrow)
        • import the .h9z file from your drive into h90control
        • click on the new List and select a preset (which will appear in the A slot)
        • click on the vertical 3-dot menu in the A slot
        • click on “Save to Library” (with a unique name different to any other in the Library)
        • click on the B slot to highlight it
        • click on the preset (which will appear in the B slot)
        • save the program (i.e. the A and B slots together) by “Save Program to List”
        • GOTCHA! you cannot choose a different List to save into, you can only replace a Program in the List you started with
        • so possibly better to export the List before you start overwriting – go to left hand bottom and click on “export the current list”
        • this goes ahead and generates a file, then prompts for a destination
        • this creates a new type of file – a “xxxx.h90lst” file which is basically a text file
        • this file is uneditable gobbledegook (unlike .tide files, which are editable)
        • unsurprisingly, this file cannot be imported either into an h9
        • also unsurprisingly, the h90 cannot import .h9k or .h9s files from a h9000 so likely vice-versa

        So yes you can import from h9 into an h90 even though all the Eventide (stompboxes, H9s, h90s and h9000) are kinda separated into their own file format bubbles, the only common format being .tide, but again that means more of a one-by-one slow process.

        Anyone have a better method, I’d appreciate it – meantime I’m going to do a lot of mouseclicks…

        In an ideal world, .h9z files get imported into h90 and a prompt asks to fill either A or B slots. Good for users with multiple H9s (or TF, MF, Space etc. srtompboxes) that are chained together. Same goes for h9000 users who want to import into h90, a prompt asks which of the 4 (h90 compatible) FX chain algos the user wishes to port over, and into which preset slot – A or B.

        Amazing sonics! all good stuff, roll on bluetooth



        ps: Brock, I have both h9c, h90c as well as both boxes connected under Mac 10.14 and it seems non-funky (so far)

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        …and because you cannot filter h90c Preset Library so it displays a particular List (it will show either all User Programs or all Programs or Favourites  – which I am yet to find out how to tag) I am putting a character before every preset I “Save to Library” so that at least they all gather together.

        Again, there may be a much better way to do this, but these are baby steps on a new h90 so



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      …here is some h90 guidance from Joe Cozzi (Eventide Staff)


      Whenever you create a new user program, you can save it directly to your Playlist as well as any other User list on the Pedal. As already explained, on H90 Control, there is a tab called Programs up top, in the middle. On that window, there’s a “List” tab next to “favorites” that allows you to just see all factory and User lists; it’s best to select the User List you created for your Programs. Then what you can do is have the Playlist on the left window and this user list on the Program window. You are able to drag and drop Programs from the user list to the Playlist.

      Say, for example, you want to start from scratch. Select User 2 as your Playlist, which is filled with “INIT” Programs. Then, click Programs and select User 1 (or your custom list) from the drop down menu next to “favorites.” Now, you can drag an drop Programs to any order on the initialized playlist very easily. Just keep in mind the Programs are organized alphanumerically.”

      So you can drag&drop but you have to be in the Program tab, not the Edit tab.
      But in order to “Save to Library” you have to be in the Edit tab not in the Program tab.

      As to how to tag a preset/Program as a Favorite, I’m still baffled…



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      Here’s a little info on Favorites:


      Trying to follow your discovery process … there are a few feature requests in there that I’ve seen logged here before.  It seems like you have a handle on the Lists, copy/paste, and drag ‘n’ drop.

      Did you catch the Preset A & B Swap feature (H90 Control or hardware)?  Also, the 3 vertical dots for each Preset in Edit?  Might help with the singular H9 preset management.

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      thanks Brock 🙂
      wow that was obvious… doh!

      …for the Favorites thing

      • I tag my imported .h9z presets (to build a setlist in h90) as Favorites in the “Programs” tab (i.e. edit/PROGRAMS/system) – all good 🙂
      • I can sort these according to a) List Number, though it will not sort descending, only ascending unlike b) Name which sorted A>Z and Z>A… or according to c) Preset A type (Preset B currently being blank). All good
      • But as soon as I go to the EDIT tab (i.e. EDIT/programs/system), these freshly-tagged Favorites disappear – OK, I guess that means that Favorite metadata tags are kinda local to either the ‘Programs’ or ‘Edit” tabs, not actually tagged to the preset itself (perhaps this is a feature, might be useful).
      • As I already went thru each imported preset and did a ‘Save to Library’ – there they are, all good 🙂
      • NEXT: setting up my first Program using my imported presets from a .h9z
      • in EDIT, I click on the A slot – choose a preset – OK, & repeat for B Slot – that works
      • Now to save the Program into a “list location” – yep, OK (would be nice to save into another List but hey…)
      • NEXT: having renamed the Program, (easy, click into the bar above the A Slot) – how to rename the presets?
      • After some monkeying about… um, nothing. No “Rename Preset” menu dropdowns, no clicking into a field  I try in ‘Programs’, but I don’t want to edit the base preset name.
      • therefore: have to rename inside the pedal itself? OK I do that to slot A – all good but Slot B, doesn’t want to. Maybe it doesn’t like my little ‘#’.
      • OK, at this point it’s time to read the manual again 🙂

      The presets A&B swap feature is v good, and I found the 3-vertical dots which I used to “Save to Library” so as to be able to get something from my .h9z import into Slot B.

      As for my discovery method, it’s emerging shall we say – I know I’m going round the houses, but hopefully I’ll get there in time for Thursday when I have a gig, otherwise I’ll use the trusty h9

      All best wishes and thanks for your help


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      Yes, there are quite a few usability tweaks that still need work in H90 Control.  It sounds like you’re getting there.

      Your discovery process has a lot of parallels with my own, at the start.  Thankfully, it’s also straightforward on the pedal (after the learning curve).

      We have similar setups in common.  My workflow has much of the Preset / Program building (always from scratch) on the pedal itself.  The file management and ‘big picture at a glance’ is alongside on the laptop.

      And the MIDI, expression, and aux connections are always active for ‘learning’.  When it’s time to go remote, unplug one USB cable & ride.

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        Brock, thanks for the overview 🙂

        The transition from h9 to h90 is indeed not as simple as it could be (and not just because the h90 does so much more ;-). Even the basics are baffling – I see how to copy&paste a Program, but how to copy&paste a Preset…? I’ll go look for a good thread in the Forum about h90 control so as not to repeat…

        Mainly the Eventides sound great, the pedal seems well thought out too.



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