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Good discussion here, and the CC midi technique is pretty brilliant, @brock. But I am a one button guy as I am also singing while playing. My midi is set-up to make my life very simple, one stomp and that’s it. It’s all I can do to sing and play without messing up too badly, so I can’t really mess around with tap-dancing.

I’ve been a proponent of this idea since the PitchFactor days.  I don’t think it’d be out of the realm of possibility in the H90.  The question remains:  How to get the custom scale entered in?  I still say the most painless method would be MIDI Note entry, or playing in a bar or two sequence of MIDI Notes.

I think it’s a job for the app. Presumably if you’re going to tackle custom harmony intervals, you’ll have the wherewithal to use the application interface.

It’s really too bad the H90 doesn’t have triad centered voicing or the custom harmonies. I’ll just hold on to my H9 since I mostly use it reverb and delay and the H90 doesn’t really add anything I need for my use case.

, thanks for explaining the triad centered voicing.