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One workaround would be to set harmony two to be a 6th instead the correct triad tone of the fifth (so that it matches the harmony man’s “triad” voicing) and use a hot switch on the expression pedal input to change it to the fifth. That way you always get the correct third and can change it to the fifth for the root note with a simple tap – or any note within the scale for that matter. You then get actually more functionality (minus the chord auto sensing)

Not to belabor the point, but here’s another angle to stack on the discussion.  Adding hardware comes with its own set of issues, but an EHX 8 Step Program works perfectly in this scenario.  (One EXP pedal here is configured as a passthrough).

  • Program the maximum range of intervals you want (and / or key) as an expression pedal mapping.
  • Adjust each the 8 sliders to the selected sets of intervals, in a sequence.
  • Use the Step mode for one-switch tapping through the 1-8 pairs.
  • If more than 8 interval pair steps are required, cue up the next PC.
  • MIDI isn’t necessary, but the 8 Step has a very deep implementation, including remote triggering and per-slider values.