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No I’m not a tech from Eventide! This is an open forum I don’t need to be. Eventide people will have it designated in their avatar. Return it was my last suggestion. The H9 was primarily built as a guitar pedal. it’s obvious to me you do not understand enough about the H9 to be so crude in your original post. You complained about the pitch and harmony detection. Then if you don’t use a guitar, whatever it is you’re trying to harmonize (vocals w/microphone) plug direct or at least out of a send/return loop one time to get a feel for it’s ability. However the input of the H9 is optimized for guitar level.

This is a fully digital unit and even state of the art processing has a certain amount of latency and delicate pitch detection that if not done properly will cause artifacts. Maybe an Eventide rep will be more diplomatic about your issues, but with your attitude I’m not sure how far they’ll get. You seem to have your mind made up that it sucks. You gave lots of complaints, but very little specifics about issues and your exact setup and what you’re trying to achieve. What other algorithm DSP based FX have you used? The H9 works great and works great for everyone I know who uses it properly. It is getting to be older tech, but for its price point is still a great product.

I have many different processors that are newer and more powerful and am on forums and help people, but there are certain types that seem to not really want to be helped and they’re certain they know what the problem is yet are asking for help. Many times they just want to complain and have no desire to be helped. The tone of your OP had red flags all over it. Sorry.