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I know I will regret answering but I will give it one last try… So I repeat the question: “What part of “I connected it in parallel mode in my guitar rack” did you miss?” GUITAR RACK!!! Marshall JMP 1 preamp, Hush Ultra, BBE 882i, DMC mini stereo line mixer, 2 Boss se 50 processors, Marshall EL 34 100/100 power amp!!! The preamp output feeds the mixer and the DIRECT SPLIT OUT of the mixer feeds the Eventide. As I stated, my Digitech quads, in this EXACT signal chain,  never had a lagging issue!!! True, they do not have the best quality sound wise but still, in LIVE situations, they delivered. So I find it really annoying that you would presume my attitude raises red flags and such. You are not woke by any chance, are you? I have been a guitarist for 45 years and the only time I encountered similar issues was about ten years ago with the TC Electronic G Major 2 that had the same issues and which I got rid of in two months!!! It is not MY fault that Eventide states that the H9 can be used in PARALLEL mode!!! If it is supposed to perform better in serial mode they SHOULD HAVE MADE IT CLEAR IN THE BLOODY MANUAL!!! You did imply that I am one of those people who are certain that they know what the problem is and still they are asking for help. I DID NO SUCH THING! I am not a cry baby. My questions are sincere and to the point. Apart from that I have NO OBLIGATION to explain myself to you. You do not like my tone and that is your prerogative but maybe, just maybe, you should consider that there are people out there that cannot afford the LUXURY of wasting 710 euros on a piece of equipment that is supposed to be that good and then disappoints! You do not know the extend of my expertise as a musician and sound engineer so that you can form an objective opinion. I did not insult you, in any way, so it comes across as somewhat suspicious that you would rush in to defend the company and their products like some high and mighty self appointed protector… So please let this slide and I will do so too. Do not tempt me to go down that road of exchanging accusations, since it would be mutually disadvantageous…