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OK, now throughout this process you have made your setup way more clear. What I would like to know is does this same issue with latency, tracking, etc., happen when you plug your guitar direct in to the H9 and into the front end (or at least a direct out of your preamp. I ask to do this as an experiment to eliminate anything that might be causing a poor signal of some sort. AND, I only ask this because I have no problems with any sort of unreasonable latency or poor tracking, detection etc. of the harmonizer. More importantly the H9 has been on the market for years used by many, MANY people and this is not an issue. If you DO have the same problems then I would start to wonder if the unit you have is malfunctioning. If doesn’t then troubleshooting what may be degrading the signal to create your issues. Also, I’m not saying the H9 CAN’T be used in parallel just that for the algorithms like the harmonizer/pitch and synth (things that rely on a solid clean signal) there can be issues when the signal is noisy or not strong. I’m have a background in Electronics and always troubleshoot methodically. The first step is always to eliminate everything unnecessary between the source, the device under test and whatever is doing the measurement or in this case the output and your ears.

One somewhat of a more obscure issue I have seen some people have problems and not necessarily with the H9 is with active pickups or the Fishman Fluence pickups. Truthfully I never quite understood why some people have had these issues. I only say this because it’s has been something I have seen mentioned with other gear.

LOL, “am I woke”…actually just the opposite. I do not suffer people lightly. I’m direct and lay it on the line. I even try to be cognizant to language barriers that can be an impediment, but it appears you have a complete handle of western English. It really comes down in my mind that your issues are not my experience or the experience of others. So much so that many people own two H9’s. Thus the release of the H90. Sorry you’re having these problems and I’m hope you figure this out and have success and happy with purchase. Oh and I would definitely contact Eventide support directly and talk with a tech one on one. The US just had a holiday weekend so if did try to contact and didn’t get an immediate response I imagine their regular business is back to normal today.