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thank you brock, i’m working on the flanger and the istant flanger and and I’m getting to the results I needed.


after researching around as regards the boss bf 2, the knob manual is equivalent to the delay offset of the h9-90 specifically clockwise it is equivalent to the delay offsett 0ms, “manual” counterclockwise instead corresponds to the maximum delay offsett of the h9-90. In the boss Bf3 however it is exactly the opposite i.e. clockwise of the manual is 100% of the h9-90 delayoffset.

the “standard” setting on the boss is the negative waveform

the boss RES is the intensity in the H9-90

depth the same
RATE is obviously SPEED


having said that, I think that the guys from eventide should enhance the documentation of the algorithms in order to make everything more appreciated, not all guitarists or musicians have the desire or ability to research and study every single parameter of an algorithm to understand exactly what goes to influence.

a more reasoned documentation would make everything more usable and faster to use.

Also because I’ve seen a lot of demo videos of the h90 and honestly they’re all done by ear in a very superficial way (many limit themselves to using the presets but you also need to know how to set them), what I’m noticing is that on a social level the h90 seems to play at 30% of the real possibilities

the sounds that the various youtubers make are sterile and do not give justice to the excellent quality of the product.

this is constructive criticism and encourage the guys at eventide to improve the documentation.