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Sounds to me like you’re getting it down.  Whenever I’m trying to emulate some classic device, I tend to study the original parameter documentation (if I can find it), then fine-tune by ear.  Break the ‘rules’, or expand on the parameter ranges, as needed.

Yes, the manual / delay time concept is counterintuitive: shorter delay times = higher frequencies.  You can get flanging with any delay algo that’s short enough, and has modulation capability (ex. Mod Delay). One reason the Rose modulation sounds so damn good – fractional delay times, down to microseconds.  Each manufacturer / design team is going to approach that fact a little differently.

One little tidbit about the O.G. Flanger algorithm.  You may be jumping on Negative first, but in Thru-0 mode, the left output is positive flanging, with the right being negative flanging.  With the Instant Flanger, you may also want to explore the negative Feedback option.  I think the documentation for this vintage rack effect is done very well, but it doesn’t mention that nugget of info: