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Hi fiddlercrabseason,

How does one set up a dual looper program that allows for independently MIDI-controlled triggering of both looper’s record/play/etc. performance parameters?So far, everything I’ve tried results in only one of the two loopers recording/playing/etc…  which kinda makes sense, given that the performance parameters I’m targeting with MIDI make no distinction between “looper A” and “looper B”.

Whenever we’re editing Performance Parameter Mappings, there most certainly is a distinction between A and B. Next time you enter that mode, the first icon on the top left indicates whether you are in A or B. By simply pressing the LED Button for A or B, you can switch to the correct slot you want to program. I’m sure you know that if you want independent control of each looper than you must assign a different CC# to each looper function for each slot. Here’s a tip: in order to see what function is activated on the PERFORM mode screen, assign each switch to the 1-Button Looper function. This way, as you send MIDI commands, you’ll see which looper function was triggered – Dub, Play, Empty, etc.