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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Is allowing a fuzz to clip H90 input safe ? Reply To: Is allowing a fuzz to clip H90 input safe ?



Thanks for your reply

Unity gain has always seemed to be very subjective in my experience. I’d like the fuzz to be louder as it is my lead tone for some songs. In my experience fuzz needs a little extra kick to cut through the mix.  I play with a plexi style amp driven but not cranked (but not clean either).

So really my question is the same – is it safe to overdrive the h90 input.  It also adds an interesting clipping to the fuzz.

as a side note you did give me a good idea by posing your question.

Since I am using using the MKII and the H90 with midi I could simply make my midi controller boost the output volume on the H90 when I activate the fuzz.  Thanks for that 🙂