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Quite frankly, I am catching Holy Hell by attempting to pull this off.  I have a Vortex here for 1:1 later on, but I wanted to get the H90 algo selection & placement down first.  No preconceptions.

Which means trying to cram 4-8 distinct effects into two Presets, without relying on Inserts, or any non-standard external controllers [envelope follower].  True audio morphing is a lost cause; some of the cross-feedback routing just can’t be done (so far).

I’m shooting for accuracy (otherwise, what’s the point?), but I may have to settle for “Inspired By”.  Or leaving out some of the “Registers”.

Then again, every time I revisit the project, I get a “What if I used *this* algo instead?”.  So, still clinging on to hope here …