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Here’s an example of how to wire audio for a simple 8 tap stereo (or more accurately dual mono) delay using mixn.  To change the number of inputs, change the value in the red circle.  To change the name of a module, change the name in the top line of that panel, but be aware that every block in VSIG MUST have a unique name.



I’ve also got some tutorial videos on VSIG here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlIUMYE3jS9lNXrDfB8S1s9_UUF099eKn

There are a few other video’s on VSIG.  You should be able to get the basics of navigating VSIG from my videos, my chain of though rambling aside.

I’m always up for more VSIG discussion here, I like seeing new posts in this forum.