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“uo_switch doesn’t work for non-menupage objects.  Only works for menupages…”

I’m pretty sure this is expected behavior.  This one is very useful for ‘Mode switching’ where you show and hide lots of different controls with a switch.  From what I remember it will only show up in the first menu. From what I can tell the whole ‘connected to head’ thing is no longer relevant.

“curve – I don’t get expected values out of it…”

Yeah, I think this one has been broken forever.  I’ve tried to get it to work before but never had much luck.

“envdetect is broken. It can crash emote, the H9000 and the host.” 

Oof, that sounds nasty.  I’ll make sure and stay away from that one.

May be worthwhile to report those last two directly to Eventide support so it’s tracked.