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Another bug is with vmonitor and hmonitor (and probably other monitors).  If you ever get a situation where you try to take a log of zero (for example a level meter where there is silence coming in), the meter will crash emote.  The H9000 deals with it OK, but not emote.  To work around, put a c_bound with a minimum of a small positive non-zero number, like 0.0000001 (corresponds to -60dB).  An example chain is here (only showing control lines). Without c_bound this crashes emote if there is no signal in the  mix block, or if the signal is silent.

Image Pasted at 2022-12-26 18-36

For the uo_switch, I was trying to add 1 or 2 controls to a menu page using it, but have ended up just switching between 2 menu pages instead.  Not a major workaround, and probably neater for any more than 1 switched control.  Honestly this could just be solved by updating the documentation stating it only supports switching of menupages.