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When I’m doing country comping and Travis picking (for which American glass-based tremolo is the unofficial king), I use the TremoloPan algorithm. I recommend you start with type set to bias, drive set to 0, shape set to triangle, and mod source set to square. Set speed to taste, depth to around 60, depth mod to around 50, and mod rate to 1.000xSpeed. Increasing or decreasing the depth mod will add a bit of chop and throb to the sound, but it’s a balancing act between depth and depth mod to get it right for your sound. If you’re running in stereo, experiment with the Width knob as well – I usually keep mine around 0, bumping up occasionally to 15ish for just a little bit of movement.

Add some reverb (I like BlackHole, though Plate and ModEchoVerb can get you pretty far too) in front of the tremolo, and you’re off to the races.