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I can’t imagine that it would be all that complex. It’s basically control over the complexity that’s in the H90 itself, so there’s no real heavy lifting going on. Just because there are more parameters, etc., doesn’t really add that much to the programming of the app. It shouldn’t stress the iPad more than any other app and certainly far less than others, such as iOS DAWs. But, I’m no programmer.

My guess is that they have a lot going on with various products and because the box can be programmed from the onboard controls, it’s not as much of a priority as other aspects of improving the H90. Plus we have the computer apps.

I’m looking forward to it as well, but it would also be cool to have the H90 connect to the app on a laptop via BT. I usually have a laptop going at all my gigs but dealing with extra cables to my pedalboard, etc., is a bit of a pain.