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yes, it’s working now.  i’m aware of the whole firmware thing, that was yet another thing that was causing my unit to lock up.  do you know if doing a factory reset wipes out current firmware versions?  Asking because i had firmware completely up to date the day i got it, but then after the freeze-up today, it was telling me i needed to update firmware, all the same version updates i’d done the day i got it.  Again, i think I may have done a factory reset but i can’t say with one hundred percent certainty.  This begs the question/concern, if a factory reset didn’t bring my firmware back to square one, how/why did this happen???

I have tow H9 Max, and i don’t think either one gave me so much as a single hiccup in the nearly 10 years i’ve had them.  not feeling good about this purchase thus far.