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The manual with the block diagram for one example is available here – https://godlike.com.au/fileadmin/godlike/patch/h9000/manuals/Dub_Delay_Para_User_Guide.pdf On the H9000 its possible to completely rewire things at the algorithm level, whereas the H90 seems to be more like rearranging existing algorithms, similar to a H9000 chain (I don’t own a H9 or H90). I’m not sure if it is possible to load a custom algorithm onto the H90 without Eventide’s help. I suspect that they use the same toolkit to build the H90 algorithms, but pretty sure they have a custom tool to prepare algorithms for the H90, as opposed to the H9000.

Thanks for that.  Compression in a feedback loop (using a Beebo through the Inserts) showed promise.  It’s going to be a challenge to translate that to a universal H90 setup.