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You can do one of two things,

Remove all pedal assignments:

To remove all pedal assignments
In PLAY Mode, hold down the Left Footswitch for 2 seconds. This puts the unit into Preset O/P Level Adjust Mode. While continuing to hold the footswitch down, press the encoder until you see NO EXP. Then, without releasing the footswitch, turn the encoder until you see SURE?. If you are sure, turn it a little further until you get back to OP LEVEL. If there are no pedal assignments, NO EXP will not be shown.

Or adjust each parameter one by one:

Since any number of parameters can be programmed to respond to the pedal, it’s important to learn how to un-assign parameters. Let’s say that you’ve programmed the Pedal to control Depth from 0 to 3 and Speed from 1.00 Hz to 2.00 Hz. Now, you’d like to un-assign Depth
and have it fixed at 2 rather than have it change when the Pedal moves. Here’s what you do:
1) Press the Pedal to full heel and turn the Depth knob to 2.
2) Press the Pedal to full toe. Turn Depth away from 2 and back to 2.
Remember, you must move the Parameter Control Knob to create the Pedal assignment. If a Parameter was previously assigned to the Pedal, the only way to un-assign it is to set the same value for the heel and toe by turning the knob.

The Expression Pedal settings can be adjusted simply by pressing the Pedal to the full heel or full toe position and turning the Control Knobs. You’ll notice that whenever you move the Pedal, the Green LED next to currently active Effect blinks. This indicates that Pedal programming is “live.” To program, press the heel completely down and adjust the knobs to get the sound that you want for the heel down position. You must turn the knobs to create the assignment. Knobs that are not turned are not assigned. Now, press the toe completely down and change the settings of any or all of the knobs. Parameters associated with any knobs that are moved will be mapped to the Pedal. Now, when you rock the pedal back and forth, you’ll hear the sound change between the two settings.
After a few seconds of pedal and knob inactivity, the LED will stop flashing. When the LED is solidly lit, you can turn any of the Parameter Control Knobs to change the sound without changing the Expression Pedal mapping.
When the Expression Pedal is used, the BillBoard will display the changing value. If the Expression Pedal has been set up to control a single parameter, the display will show the parameter name and value in the same way as if you were turning the Control Knob. If the Expression Pedal has been set up to control multiple parameters, the display indicates the pedal value (from 0 to 100) and the parameters that are changing. In this display, the ten parameter Knobs are shown as dots and, when the Pedal is used, the column above each dot is used to indicate that the Pedal is controlling that parameter.

The Expression Pedal settings are not saved automatically. If you want to be able to recall your Expression Pedal setting, you must perform the Preset Save operation.
If you load a Preset and the Expression Pedal is not connected, the parameter values will be same as they were the last time the Preset was used.