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I think we’re going to need quite a few more H90s to play that piece.  Something like the Reed-Piano-Violin Phase pieces might be an easier place to start.

Interesting concept, though.  Using the Resonator to simulate mallet instrumentation and the core motif.  I suppose you’d need two instances in parallel for process music like this.

I have done something similar with doubled-up Loopers and parallel Presets of UltraTap.  Nearly identical instances, with the phasing controlled by an expression pedal mapped to one of them.  A HotKnob would work even better, for the desktop jockeys with two hands free.

No Tempo Mode; it’s a bit too coarse for the fine gradients you need to pull it off smoothly.  And not too ‘wide’ of a range in milliseconds, either.  It’s more controllable to limit how far the phasing offset travels.