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Hi, joecozzi

Thank you so much for the reply 🙂

Hi 808, A few questions, to understand your setup a little better. When you say…

I have a mono series run of pedals until I get to the Strymon deco as that goes out stereo to my amps inputs.

Are you running your amps completely clean and letting your pedals provide the tone shaping for you? Are you using the FX loops at all?

I am running a DSM Simplifier Deluxe clean however, occasionally at the edge of breakup. Normally I use the L & R out of the last pedals which were Delay and Reverb and they connect to a Stereo “Y” which connects into the Simplifier Dlx’s 1/4″ input. I sold those to offset the price of my H90 taking a bit of a hit but that’s certainly worth it in the long run imho… big time! 🙂

So yeah, normally sounds great with a signal flow of > > > Guitar, Wah, Whammy, Drop, Pog 2, (vintage Vibe & Fuzz in a loop switcher) Comp, Octavia, Phaser, Zonk, Flanger, Dumble pre, Distortion, Green ringer, Noisegate, Vibratone, Volume and Deco to Simplifier Dlx. to DAW. The Simplifier Dlx. will feed a mixer I have waiting in the wings eventually but I cannot play loud where I am right now, headphones only! 🙂

My expression pedal has been calibrated with the H90 and is ready to go, I think/hope to use it for Delay/Reverb swells.

Yes, you can go from the Deco to the H90 in stereo, but when using Dual Routing mode, the idea is you connect one path to the input of your amps and the other path to the FX loops of your amps. In order to put Eventide algorithms in the amps’ FX loops, you’ll have to send the signal from the amps’ FX send to your Deco, then take the signal to In 3&4 of the H90 and go from Out 3&4 of the H90 back to the FX returns. Isolation transformers on one side of send and returns are highly recommended to prevent ground loops.

The ground loop isolation transformer info here is very important, thanks for bring that to attention!

So this is what I landed on, it sounds great and I couldn’t have done it without you mentioning what you have so, many, many thanks. Please tell me if there is a better way? For now, it’s working but surely there is a better way to make use of the other incredible tones the H90 offers. Signal flow is important and I’d like it set up with inserts however, one hurdle at a time.

My Vibratone out, (last pedal before Deco) is feeding my passive volume pedal which goes to the Input on the Deco with the switch set to “mono”. The L& R out from the Deco go into the Simplifier Dlx’s “Y’ cable into it’s 1/4″ input. I soldered up an insert cable and so… Stereo TRS 1/4” from the send of the Simplifier Dlx. to the In 1 & 2 of the H90 and then H90 out 1 & 2 to the L & R returns (TS L & R) on the Simplifier Dlx. (Dual routing mode). Wondering if DSP should be enabled here in this menu?

By connecting your guitar to the H90 on In 1 and taking Out 1 and Out 2 to the front of your amps, you can now place Weedwacker on Path 1, which will be signal headed to the input of your amps. Any other gain-based effects can be placed before the input of the H90.

This is excellent news for when I want to use my tube amps. One has an effects loop so… more possibilities 🙂

Again, any other critical feedback on a better routing method for this chain would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure there are other guitarist using a similair setups with amp/cab sims for their boards and would benefit as well.

Ps. Thanks again to everyone making this such a great place to obtain valuable knowledge but especially to the Eventide Powerhouses that make our heads spin with their amazingly incredible work. Taking time out to help out the community, fulfilling future requests and brainstorming is just beautiful I love it.