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Setup =

Guitar into guitar input of ES8

Pre loop pedals- Tuner and Wah (not in looper)

Loop 1- Fuzz

Loop 2- Compressor

Loop 3- Ep Booster

Loop 4- POG

Loop 5- Overdrive

Loop 6- Distortion

Loop 7- H90 (stereo output)

Loop-8 (Not In Use)

Volume Loop- Gigrig Humdinger (this is splitting the signal. Send from volume loop to Humdinger, Isolated out of humdinger to dry amp, buffered output of humdinger to volume return of es8) The volume loop is placed after loop 6 and before loop 7 in the chain so that the dry signal SHOULD only be going to the dry amp and the H90 SHOULD only be outputting the signal from itself and not the prior gain stages.

Output 1 of the ES8 goes to left wet amp

Output 2 goes to right wet amp