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I almost jumped at a used H9000R recently, but picked up a DSP7000, PCM81, and 2290 instead for the same price.

I’ve used Axe FX for many years, I have an H9 and H90 as well. I think the latest Eventide offerings try to make the products intuitive for musicians, but are limiting for tech types. Axe FX is better in terms of tweakability, but still limiting in other ways. I’ll leave all kinds of DSP untapped because I max’d out the block type for example.

My plan is to get my feet wet with VSig in the DSP7000, and turn around the PCM81 and 2290 after I’ve duplicated some sounds. If I get hooked, I may sell the 7000 as well and upgrade to a 9k if they don’t open up VSig with the H90 or release an in-between hardware unit.

VSig and the harmonizer wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. Got the 232 working in no time, and I designed my first scratch chorus algorithm today in about a half hour. I can see how this might be addicting