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Hi ernestorossi,

Here is the routing. I have a bunch of gain pedals like fuzz, boost, and so on, they follow one into each other in the good old styles, then the mono signal gets into a Strymon Deco, at that point I have a L and R output feeding a Strymon Cloudburst. From it L goes into a Fender amp on the edge of breackup with a little reverb and tremolo, and R into a Brunetti setted very clean.

Your signal flow as you’ve described is stereo and definitely not Wet/Dry. In a true W/D rig, there is absolutely no wet signal going to the dry amp and similarly, no dry signal going to the wet amp. In the configuration presented, both amps get a little of both. I’ve attached a picture of my interpretation of your setup. Let me know if I got it right.

I thought at first to just leave everything in stereo, but have to admit that the sound I got didn’t impress me better than the wet/dry

 I am confused by what you consider the distinction between stereo and your interpretation of W/D is here. Can you elaborate the two different methods you’re connecting the H90 here?

According to the manual this should be done by inserting the guitar in the input 1 of h90, then wet and dry outputs should run in outputs 1 and 3 of the h90.

To clarify, Out 3 of the H90 should go to the front of the dry amp. Out 1 should go through the WET effects section, which should then go to the amp dedicated to wet effects. I’ve attached two images of a Pseudo W/D rig, and a true W/D rig for reference. In the True W/D rig, the wet effect should have Kill Dry set to ON.

Doing this I cannot run my R output from the Deco plugged into h90, or in this case it should go into input 2, isn’t it? Then what about the L/R coming from the Cloudburst I whish I can insert it in the two other inserts of the h90. Could be?

You have to make a decision here. In order to use the H90 for a true W/D rig, you need to use one of the inserts as a splitter. See attached images. Because of this you cannot run stereo insert effects; in other words, you cannot connect the Deco or Cloudburst in the H90’s effects chain with a stereo insert. You would have to keep your signal flow stereo and use the stereo insert of the H90 for your Strymon effects or split the Fuzz/Boost/OD signal with your Lehle splitter before the H90, take one side to the dry amp, and the other side to your wet effects which would include the H90 and Strymon pedals. But again, I am confused as to what you really want to do considering how you described your initial setup. Please check out the images I’ve attached.

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