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Dear Joecozzi, you are really kind, I see you worked a lot to catch my smocky explanation, anyway you got it. I think I’m going to try the routing you suggested, (I like the parallel routing most). Moreover I think I can give you some further explanation about my way of thinking wet/dry and what I’ll like to achieve. You are also right, mine is not a proper wet/dry rig, hope I can clarify why I am not doing it right, as I know that it’s not “right”. <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>What I am trying to obtain here is an “in the face” direct guitar tone (don’t want to call it dry channel) and a wet lush effect, but instead of having a 100% dry signal on one amp, and a 100% wet signal running in the other amp (proper W/D), I want retain some stereo image from both amps (so it’s stereo, but if it is“proper stereo”, don’t know, that’s why I call it hibrid w/d) I </span><span style=”font-size: inherit;”>am trying to do it by having something like 80% direct guitar tone in one amp and a little (say 20% wet tone) on the direct/dry amp, which is the Fender. Flipside, I have my “wet” amp running 80/90% of wet tone but still retain a little direct sound. It dipends by the listening situation of the venue. Problem for me is that I play in a duo situation with a singer and I find that the stereo image of the guitar is somehow blurred, I need a stronger direct sound. I like the stereo image to fill the space around, but the guitar sound is in such a way too dull compared to the voice. Having one channel with a stronger direct sound I can get more punch and clear tone especially for rithmic parts. I know that having a real wet/dry the sound guy can find some balance in the front of house but rarely I have a sound guy at my venues, this is why I’m trying to find a set and forget configuration, which I know it’s impossible to achieve but anyway, my trying by doing led me to this uneven d/w balance. According to you maybe it is better to call my rig a stereo rig, but maybe it’s not even a proper stereo. Now that I introduced the H90 in the routing I’m searching a way for retaining what experience teach me with non proper stereo and wet/dry.</span>

Hope I could explain myself better.

Thanks a lot you’re great!