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Mr. Mushroom

I am also hoping for this function. Signal chain:

bass -> H90 input 1

output 3 -> (mono in / stereo out) pedal -> inputs 3&4

outputs 1&2 -> stereo amp set up

output 4 -> dry amp

If this is currently not supported, is it a software issue that can potentially be resolved with a future update? Or is this a hardware issue, and there is no hope of this option with the current physical version of the H90?

On another note… currently, if you are running 2 separate amps for a w/d/w (and I assume also a wet/dry set up) and your using one of the inserts on the H90 to split the signal and send to the dry amp, when you bypass the pedal, you loose use of the amp that’s connected through the insert.  Is there an expected update that allows the insert path to be always on, even if the pedal is bypassed, so your signal is always going through both amps? My hope is to be able to use my 2 amps for the tone I want, which works best when they are both used in combination, but then when I use effects, I want one of the amps to handle that, while the other keeps the clean tone.  But I don’t want to loose use of 1 of the amps when I bypass the pedal.  Is this kind of update possible and in the works?