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…my H90 lives and sings within my HX Stomp (not XL) FX Loop merrily – i’ve set all levels to Line (there’s other stuff in front of the HX Stomp input) on both HX Stomp and H90, and keep the Mix control of FX Loop at 50%, which suits my signal chain logic, being that H90 to me mostly serves FX that could be run “as an aux send” off a mixing console.

i can of course alter the Mix amount without great concerns, keeping as i do within time-based FX that don’t call for full-through processing, also because HX Stomps on my pedalboard are physically closer to my right hand, for tweaking knobs while my left one hammers on strings…

i keep a drawer of Lehle transformer boxes within reach at all times, shall the spooky ground loop lurk from dark alley and bite my audio feeds… but neither has the H90-as-FX-Loop to the HX Stomp needed, nor the two Strymon Timeline(s) that are daisy-chained within the H90 stereo insert FX Loop… i was afraid to run onto hum mayhem, hence the shield and sword of Lehle’s remedy, but there was not a single issue that spoiled my sonic exploration so far (and it’s in a dead-silent studio room, not a loud stage in a noisy club or venue at which artifacts may easily get away un-noticed).