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Thank you for your reply.


Sorry, save a Program.
I can’t reproduce it, as I did a Recovery for the second time within 30 days because I had the same issue.

I know about the 3-dot icon to “Save to Library”

But usually, the name of the Program will stay after I change it.

And the (*) will disappear when I press Save in the up-right corner.

In my case, I could neither change the name nor Save (the * will remain)

and my modification on preset will not be saved either.

I used the power plug from Eventide from day one.

I had another problem, before this one 3 days ago.

No sound was coming out from the out 3 in Dual mode at a sound check.

I was using this setting every day for a couple of days.

It took me 40 minutes to check all the cables of my pedals

to finally unplug the H90 and it worked again.

How can I use with confidence this pedal for a job?

I contacted the support team and told me that if it happened again,

Tell the details.

I do not wish that to happen again, I wanted to use this pedal,

but I plan to sell it.

As I mentioned before this pedal makes me spend too much time to let it work.