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Eventide Staff


Thanks for sharing the screenshots.

Just so we can be on the same page, I’d like to use the correct terminology. The top of your screenshot shows a Program, which contains 2 Presets (TriceraChorus and Head Space). The bottom half shows a different Program, with 2 different presets.

Can you please clarify what the issue is?

You start with the LEAD delay Program, and then load ROOM small Program, and the tails of the first Program “go crazy”? Can you be more specific with what that sounds like?

If you load a different Head Space preset, the delay time will change and that will change the pitch of the delayed sound. There is no getting around that when using Head Space and loading different presets. If you need different delay times with Head Space without the pitch changing, you can use the different delay heads set at various divisions, and use a Hot Switch to turn the levels of the heads up/down.