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      Dear Eventide (users),

      Next saturday I have a gig but I am having trouble with my new H90.

      Looks like my trails sometimes go crazy after switching to a different preset (I think between presets with the same algoritm but with different settings). As if you would turn the knobs while playing (some dig that 😉 ).

      Any way to stop this from happening. I do like the ability to have trails on, but not if the present preset settings impact the trails of the previous preset.

      You would be of great help.


      Thank you in advance,



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      If you can provide the specific algorithm (or algorithms) you’re using, that would help a lot in diagnosing.  The actual Presets used might be even better.

      I’m guessing that the apparent ‘pitch’ of the delays are changing?   It might just boil down to switching to a delay type that crossfades between delay times.

      Again, these will only be guesses without some more information.

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      Thanks for the help so far. See attached pictures20230830_22192320230830_221915

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      Eventide Staff


      Thanks for sharing the screenshots.

      Just so we can be on the same page, I’d like to use the correct terminology. The top of your screenshot shows a Program, which contains 2 Presets (TriceraChorus and Head Space). The bottom half shows a different Program, with 2 different presets.

      Can you please clarify what the issue is?

      You start with the LEAD delay Program, and then load ROOM small Program, and the tails of the first Program “go crazy”? Can you be more specific with what that sounds like?

      If you load a different Head Space preset, the delay time will change and that will change the pitch of the delayed sound. There is no getting around that when using Head Space and loading different presets. If you need different delay times with Head Space without the pitch changing, you can use the different delay heads set at various divisions, and use a Hot Switch to turn the levels of the heads up/down.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi TBS,</p>

      First of all so glad to see that this is an active community and thanks for the help so far.

      Unfortunately I am not able to record the sound within the next days and hope to fix it before saturdays gig.

      It is as you describe:

      Start with the LEAD delay Program, and then load ROOM small Program, and the tails of the first Program “go crazy”. Its like for half a second or so you hear a weird sort of laserbeam movie effect. Sometimes louder than other times but it looks like it has not much to do with the picking. It does it even with a bit of noise without playing notes.

      The room is a different algoritm then the headspace right? Or is technically not?

      Its not extreme and it is playable but we are doing a live recording next saturday.

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        Eventide Staff

        Welcome to the community! Thanks for this information. I just copied your Programs and I can reproduce the issue.

        It seems that this only happens when Tempo Sync is on for Head Space. If you turn Tempo Sync off (press the Presets and Parameters buttons while the Head Space Preset is highlighted) then you should find that the delay tails ring out without changing the pitch when a new Program is loaded.

        Note that you can still use tap tempo for Head Space with Tempo Sync off. See “Preset Tap Tempo” –

        I would suggest using Head Space with Tempo Sync off for the time being and for your live recording if possible.

        We’re looking into a fix for this. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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        Eventide Staff

        We’ve just released H90 Software v1.5.7 which fixes this issue. You should now find that the delay tails will always be consistent when loading new Programs.

        Please update your H90 and let me know if you have any issues.

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      First of all, your service is great! Incredible how fast you made an update adressing this issue.


      It didnt fix the problem for me yet. Something did change. It sounds a bit different but it is still very noticable.

      Ill try to record a sample.

      Kind regards

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        Eventide Staff

        Thanks for reporting back, sorry to hear you are still having issues.

        At this point, the best option would be to email and reference this post. Please provide as much details and an audio/video recording of the issue if possible.

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