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I have had this same issues and my solution was to put my Kingsley Page right in front of the H90. It compresses just enough to contain the signal before it hits the input of the H90. You may be able to do this with a less expensive OD as well. Roy Interested to hear how others have dealt with this issues.

I feel that this is an interesting conversation to have. I tend to gain stack my drive pedals too. But I don’t level boost. Mainly the pedals are there to provide the amp with a particular tone I want it to see. Whereas in my previous setups I would use e.g TS808 gain=0 vol=max straight into my boogie with the channel setup on the brink of breakup. So nowadays my OD or DS is there to provide a slight mid bump or scoop to my guitar tone not a level boost. Any gear post those pedals doesn’t get hammered. But it’s my preference to tone though

thaanks for the comments! Quite interesting solutions we got here.

The main thing is that I really do want the level boost (to push the amp into overdrive), I feel like the only way to really solve this would be to have the boosts *after* the h9 or put it into a separate loop, but rn the issue is so minimal I don’t think it’s worth it taking the time to pull something like this off